Timetable & Bookings

Venue – 245 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 9PW

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IF YOU HAVE 3 SIBLINGS ATTENDING FOR A WHOLE DAY 1 SIBLING CAN ATTEND FOR FREE- For more information about this please email jacqui@spiritus.org.uk


Both sessions run by Kristina. Please email (k.marie.russell@gmail.com) Kristina directly for further details.

Media Makers £12 – INDEPENDENTLY RUN

13 years+ 9:30am-10:30am on Thursdays.

Using photography, audio and video to express ourselves, we will tell stories and explore our communities.   The students will work on story telling projects using different media. Projects to include Photo Essay, Audio essay (podcast) and Video essay (short film). Each project will allow YP to find and share their voice in relation to their experiences and communities.

Exploring Literature £12 – INDEPENDENTLY RUN

13years+ 10:30am-11.45am on Thursday’s

A deep dive into famous authors and their work. We will be examining what writing elements made their works international successes and discussing how we relate to the characters, plots and themes in these works. Students will participate in open dialogue and try their hand at applying the skills we discover. This class aims at improving reading comprehension, analysis, critical thinking skills and improving public speaking. It will serve those taking GCSEs well and be a great experience for anyone interested in literature and writing.

Students will have some input as to which authors we examine and will be expected to do outside reading and writing. I pride myself on providing engaging and entertaining learning experiences and hope that your student can join us in this learning adventure


END OF EACH TERM – Parents/Facilitators Meeting & Your Business – Use this time to have an informal chat with our facilitators on the last week of each term. Please come in towards the end of each session. You are also invited to use our space on the last week of term to talk about your business and show parents and facilitators your products. Prop yourself up in our space and engage. Email to let us know to expect you.

Trips for 2024

PGL at Woodrow, Amersham. 2-6th September 13 years plus. Younger ones will be considered. £450. Includes accommodation, hot food 3 times a day, all activitiess, transport from and to Hammersmith.



What happens at the team meeting?

YP are asked to alternate leading the meeting. They remind everyone to talk correctly to each other, to share their goals, give feedback for the facilitators and share ideas for their space. They will choose a breathe and yoga pose card to do together.



MAKERS MORNING  1030-12 Includes Art & Sewing together. Woodwork – Book seperately

Led by professionals and assisted by Art students from Morley College. Those who are advanced in woodwork will have professional help from the facilitator and be able to choose what they make.

During the Monday Makers session we aim to explore ideas from a given theme. Our first term has been all about the chinese dragon and making a very large dragon.

We then investigate shapes, forms, colours, textures and structure/framework to create a final design. We encourage the YP to work both individually and collectively by sharing ideas in order to take design decisions and move forward with the development of ideas. The YP are invited to undertake visual research and experiment with mixed media all along the design process from the brief all the way to the design delivery stage. 
In this session we encourage a multidisciplinary approach across art, woodwork and sewing.

You can read the attached PDF for more information on Art & Woodwork

Muay Thai Boxing Club 1245-145pm

Holisitic coaching in the form of Muay Thai which as an ancient method. Is teaches discipline and skills. Please read the attached information to give you more detail. You also need to print/email a signed copy of the 2 forms which state your child is in good health to do this session and yo uagree to the parents conduct.


Confidence building games, improvisation, acting and communication skills. This is always a very vibrant session which leads to confidence and bonding. Working towards a showcase at the end of each term for parents. We would love to use a theatre to put on a summer or Christmas show if anyone has contacts to make this happen.

CREATIVE COMPUTING – 6 spaces 2-330pm

Dive into the world of creative computing. Learning how to move images and a whole lot more.

Read the attached PDF for more information.



Science – 10.30am-12pm

A specific science topic is explored with Gen, such as immunology. We then start a related project that relates back to the topic. For example, designing and making a board game about the immune system. This is how Science rolls out on a weekly basis. Young people are always invited to share with us what they would like to learn.

Science with our in-house scientist who works at Imperial College and a lab. Gen is a very vibrant individual who always delivers learning in a very creative and understanding way. Covering all areas of science. It will be a morning of theory and practical work.

Sports – 12.30pm-1.30pm

This is implemented in a few ways – sometimes we go to the local park and do multi sports, we may use the outdoor space at 245, or stay inside and do a circuit class. We are looking to book in Tennis/Circus Skills and any other activities YP would like.

Math Curriculum 130-230pm

Following the GCSE teaching. All levels accommodated

Digistal version of life skills 230-330pm

Digital communication skills – presentations, slide shows, make infographics, posters, newsletters. If you have a laptop or ipad please bring this in as everyone needs their own to work on. We have 6 computers available to use.


History/Geography/Current News 1030-12pm

Choice of 2 clubs to be decided termly between Anime/Entrepreneur/Journalism 1230-130

Anime lovers.  Join us for an afternoon of lively debate, impromptu speeches, creative writing, trivia, and of course anime watching.  This session strives to utilise YP’s interests to strengthen their academic skills.  The goal of this class is to improve YP’s public speaking, debate, and writing skills in a fun cooperative environment.  

For Entrepreneurs club students we discuss the purpose and possibilities of the club. They engage in brainstorming exercises to create guidelines around what types of businesses they could create. Bringing in business skills and speakers. Earning their own income.

English Curriculum 130-230pm

Following the GCSE teaching. All levels accommodated.

Sport hour – 230-330pm

This is implemented in a few ways – sometimes we go to the local park and do multi sports, we may use the outdoor space at 245, or stay inside and do a circuit class. We are looking to book in Tennis/Circus Skills and any other activities YP would like.

14-16 YEARS Programme with Jodi. Maximum of 6 people (3 people needed for this to go ahead)

Please make sure your YP is wanting to take part as these 2 subjects are for those are seriously interested to learn and have the maturity to engage fully. They will enhance a YP’s study who are planning to take these exams.


10.30am-12.00pm American History 1840-1895

First term American History looks at the American West, exploring the lifestyles of the Native Americans who lived on the Great Plains. It also examines the opportunities it offered for settlement, and studies the people who tried to carve their lives out of the Great American Desert.

Students will be expected to read many different texts on their own to gather multiple perspectives during class. There will be debate and discussion and essay writing building skills built into the curriculum . There will be a significant amount of group work and independent work (with guidance) Please only enrol if this type of learning suits your child.

If they want to stay on site between the 2 sessions they can book by the hour (refer to co-study space)

Yoga session – depending on how many YP attend a yoga session or something else the group may choose can be organised in this time.

2.00pm-3.30pm Religious Studies.

This subject will create exciting debates and could raise some eyebrows along the way. It gears YP to give opinions and be able to have an understanding of our society.

Students will research Beliefs, teachings and practices of :

● Buddhism

● Christianity

● Catholic Christianity

● Hinduism

● Islam

● Judaism

● Sikhism

And themes of: Religious, philosophical and ethical studies:

● Theme A: Relationships and families.

● Theme B: Religion and life.

● Theme C: The existence of God and revelation.

● Theme D: Religion, peace and conflict.

● Theme E: Religion, crime and punishment.

● Theme F: Religion, human rights and social justice.


230-330 History/Art/Lit/Music Romantic Era

The Romantic Era was a response to the Industrial Revolution in the Western world. It was a time that celebrated intellectual and artistic values mimicking Roman principles (it has nothing to do with romance as one may first think.) The focus was on the power of nature, emotions and the ideas of individualism. In this interactive class, students will see how History has shaped the fine arts with study into the poet William Blake, composer Ludwig Von Beethoven and artist Joseph Turner.

Co-Study/Social space @ £5 an hour. Computers are available. Please bring your own if you have one. Wifi onsite.

This age group can use our space as a collective to do their online/other studies or socialise. It gives them the mature space to co-study together and hang out together. You can pay for your time on an hourly basis. There are a great number of online studies that set YP up to take exams if that is your path. We also have facilitators who offer 1-2-1 teaching for all levels. Please ask for details.

On Monday afternoons between 2.00pm-3.30pm we have a computer class with our 10 plus, therefore the computers may not be available at this time.

YP can sign in onsite when they arrive with the office staff and pay by cash or card. Alternatively you can pay via bank transfer for the hours they wish to stay:

Account Details: Spiritus Democratic Learning Ltd, Account: 16509199 Sort Code: 60-83-71

Please state your YP name and time you are booking them in for.

Below are links for your YP to use for online learning:





We would love to start up a basketball or Netball team and compete with schools. Any interest please email Jacqui and when we have enough for a team play it will be actioned. Jacqui@spiritus.org.uk