Timetable & Bookings

Venue – 245 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 9PW

Our learning year runs from January – December. 6 Terms a year. A Term is from 5-7 weeks.

You are offered 50% off the first session you try with us – this can be redeemed by entering ‘Trial’ at checkout. It needs to be booked on its own, not with other sessions.


WE HAVE TWO TIMETABLES. A general one for 10-16 years and a 13+. The 13+ is for those who have the marturity and focus to go deeper with subjects. The 10-16 one is for all ages. We have assistants in certain subjects to be able to offer two groups which enables us to engage and support the ability of the young person. We encourage young people to suppport each other in sessions rather than judge their capability.

You will see on the timetable for 13+ some sessions you need to email the facilitator directly to book. This is because they are using our space independently and we are helping to spread the word for them.

Click here to DOWNLOAD the Spiritus timetable for young people aged 10 to 16 years old for Term 4 (Monday 3rd June – Wednesday 17th July)

Click here to DOWNLOAD the Spiritus timetable for young people aged 13+ for Term 4 (Monday 3rd June – Wednesday 17th July) This timetable is for those who have the maturity to go deeper with their learning.


Download the Muay Thai documents: insurance document & conduct for parents and carers document

Download the Woodwork/Art permission slip.

Scroll on the arrow on the booking system to see all sessions


History for week 1 for 13+ has been cancelled due to facilitator not available.

All young people need to have the ability to focus in a session. If they distract a group consistently they will be asked to take time out in the lounge area. They also should have basic materials: a workbook and pencilcase with pen/pencil/ruler/rubber/sharpener.

We are happy to have your child stay with us inbetween sessions. We ask for £5 an hour for this service unless you are on site with them. It can be paid by: bank transfer stating their name, card onsite, or cash. Pease advise us by email if you will be using this service.

IF YOU HAVE 3 SIBLINGS ATTENDING FOR A WHOLE DAY 1 SIBLING CAN ATTEND FOR FREE- For more information about this please email jacqui@spiritus.org.uk

INDEPENDENTLY RUN SESSIONS – Our facilitators are able to use this site for their own sessions. Please email them if you would like to join their sessions and you will arrange payment with them.


END OF EACH TERM – Parents/Facilitators Meeting & Your Business – Use this time to have an informal chat with our facilitators on the last week of each term. Please come in towards the end of each session. You are also invited to use our space on the last week of term to talk about your business and show parents and facilitators your products. Prop yourself up in our space and engage. Email to let us know to expect you.

SPORTS DAY – Families welcome. Is being organised by Discovery Den. Date: 19th July 11-4pm. All the fun games egg and spoon, Relay and so much more, tickets to take part are £5 ( for Home Educators) to cover costs of sports coaches etc. Crepes will be sold on the day. Young people and adults can sell their wares – tables are £5 each (set up at 10am). Location – Old Isleworthians Football Grounds, on the football pitch outside. EMAIL HANNAH TO BOOK A TABLE AND PAY FOR A SPORTS DAY TICKET hpriddle1@hotmail.com

The Discovery Den have been gifted a stall, get in touch with Jacqui if you would like to use it.

BEACH DAY OUT – Families welcome. Friday 14th June Clacton on Sea by Train. Please book your own train tickets. Please try to book the 10:18am train form Liverpool Street which arrives at 11:44, Returning 17:40, into Liverpool Street at 19:11. This is a fun day out when there is a group of us. Families and children of all ages welcome. If you cannot come with your child you can drop off at Liverpool Street Station.

NEURO-DIVERSE TALK & THERAPUTIC POETRY WORKSHOP – 5th July 1030-3pm @ £25 per family

Neuro- Diverse Talk

We have skill and ability that lesser mortals, and yes I use the diminutive very deliberately, that lesser mortals do not. Bullies gravitate to the weak, the embarrassed, the ashamed. As soon as we own our strength, our power, they have nowhere to go. Come and look at the world through a more accurate and useful lense. Youare far from alone and you are actually amazing! POETRY WORKSHOP

Poetry is something many of us suffered while at school as part of our exam preparation but
did you know how good it feels to write it?
The emotional, spiritual and mental wellness that comes from creating verse from your own
lived experience or the imagination of your head, heart and soul?
Many people respond with “I don’t know how” or more commonly “I can’t”.
Well the good news is you can and it is a lot easier and simpler than you imagine.
This poetry workshop in conjunction with Spiritus and Melior Vita will equip you with these
skills and you will leave with at least one poem, if not more, so come and join us and free
your inner poet!

SUMMER SHOW – Families welcome. Wednesday 17th July 130-330pm. We will be showcasing what our YP have been doing. We have Krisitina and Stuart hosting a line dance to get everyone having some fun. Alec will show what YP have been creating in Creative Computing and Hazel will show off woodwork pieces. A few improvs from Drama is also on the timetable……and more PLEASE SAVE THIS DATE. This is for you

SUMMER CAMPS – from Monday 22nd July. 4 days a week Monday-Thursday. 1030-230pm @ £20 per day. Weekly bookings only. Book all 6 and have 1 week free. Sesisons are Art/Sewing/Cooking/ Rounders & Park fun every afternoon. 8 plus. Drop off.

WOBURN SAFARI PARK VISIT – Families welcome. Car is needed. Please let me know if you have spare seats for others. Book your slot for 17th October. It states 10am to arrive but you can drive throughout the day. Do not leave it too long to book as these days get sold out.
Adult £29.99 child £14.99


Q&A TRANSITIONING TO HOMESCHOOL TALK POSTPONED Let me know by email if you need to bring your children with you so we can accommodate them jacqui@spiritus.org.uk.


ART – Includes Art/Sewing/Pottery – Maddi & college students. 10-16 

Young people can choose which subject they wish to do and can try them all throughout the term. We have professionals running the sessions and assistants from Morley College in Chelsea. Young people have the opportunity to influence what they learn as we like this time to help them build on their curiosity and natural flair with guidance and help all along the way. 


 We’ll be playing rounder and having park fun at Brook Green, followed by crepes at Jacqui’s which will include toppings of sweet or savoury.

CAREER TALK – Jacqui. 13+ FREE

This is giving time to have a chat about interests an individual has, and where we can possibly help them have an experience or contact a college for them to see what they will need to apply for a course…….

There is one slot each week available.


An introduction to the world of creative apps. Students can choose from a range of different types of apps to explore and we can help them to develop their skills in creating their own content. There are many possibilities to explore, from 2D image editing and creation to 3D modelling and animation or learning the basics of coding a web page or app. Please see this PDF File for more information and links to different apps.


Trips to be organised – V&A, Textiles museum…………..

This inspirational workshop is designed for the YP wanting to pursue a career in Fashion & Textiles. The facilitator will introduce them to the process of developing a Fashion brand. From concept to illustration to shape development and styling, with keeping in mind ethical choices, such as upcycling and sustainability. The YP will be encouraged to explore moodboards, drawing, sewing and photography through a wide range of techniques. They will explore different types of fabrics and their properties. As well as how they can be suitable for a particular product.

The beginning of each session will look at some contextual studies relevant to the practical work. From the 1900’s conventional use of the corset to the Swinging 20’s. Followed by Christian Dior’s New Waist in the 50’s to Mary Quant & Jean Shrimpton and the popularisation of the mini-skirt…etc., covering the last century’s Fashion timeline.


  • Explore their creativity
  • Develop their work
  • Use mix-media and develop a personal drawing style
  • Understand body proportion through fashion illustration
  • Drape on the mannequin and draw from it to generate ideas
  • Work collaboratively to get inspired and share ideas
  • Create a moodboard and a range of product

Materials needed to bring with you:

– A3 sketchbook  

– A3 paper

– Fashion template (stencil or printed silhouette)

CREATIVE WRITING – Stuart. 10-16

Every week class starts with a free write, a way to break the ice and flex the muscle of the mind. After this we analyse an extract of text together as a group. We use this text as inspiration for our own writing work. At the end those who wish to share their work with the group do. This class is an exciting way for young people to engage themselves with literature and to find inspiration as a writer. A safe space for creativity to flow and grow. 

Young people will be split into 2 groups depending on ability.  

DEBATE CLUB – Stuart. 10-16

Each week a different topic is chosen to be debated. All things related to modern times and the problems we face as a society. This class is a great way to develop speaking and listening skills, and to get your young people actively interested in the world that they live in. Young people are encouraged to express themselves and be treated with mutual respect. There’s no ultimate right answer we are looking for; our main objective is to create a space to express without judgement. 

DESIGN SQUAD – Kristina. 10-16

Design Squad is a hands-on, project-based learning experience that allows Young People to apply science, maths, and engineering to solve fun weekly challenges. The group will invent, design, build, and test out their creations. They will enjoy exploring concepts of simple machines, force, and energy using the design thinking process while building confidence and learning to collaborate. Materials are included. 

DRAMA – Stuart. 10-16

Stuart leads this session and has a full CV running workshops, directing plays, musician….. His energy gets young people present and supports them to achieve as much as they can and more. He has the ability to help young people become confident and gain self belief. 


A deep dive into famous authors and their work. We will be examining what writing elements made their works international successes and discussing how we relate to the characters, plots and themes in these works. Students will participate in open dialogue and try their hand at applying the skills we discover. This class aims at improving reading comprehension, analysis, critical thinking skills and improving public speaking. It will serve those taking GCSEs well and be a great experience for anyone interested in literature and writing.

Students will have some input as to which authors we examine and will be expected to do outside reading and writing. I pride myself on providing engaging and entertaining learning experiences and hope that your student can join us in this learning adventure

FACE ART CLASS – Poppy. 10-16

Poppy is a makeup artist student who has an incredible talent which she would love to share with our young people. Her trial session will teach young people how to make up their face for ‘pride’. The products she is using are snazaroo and eyeshadows from beauty bay.

This is definitely no ordinary face painting class! This will flow through to September where she will be teaching her body art skills and more. Please see the picture on our website for the Pride face art.

Unfortunately due to personal circumatances Poppy has has to postpone her session with us. However she will be showing young people how to do body art on their arms at our summer show on 17th July 130-230pm


2 night trip to France be organised 

This session will give the Young People access to the local culture and traditions. It will

enable them to engage with native speakers in ways that are simply not possible through third

party translation. And it will enhance every experience they will encounter in France.


– Learn basic grammar;

– Immerse the Young People with a everything French through our Café environment;

– Practise the pronunciation with the French Facilitator;

– Connect to a variety of French speakers;

– Master French questions;

– Make flashcards for powering through vocabulary;

– Learn the real French the YP will not find in a text book;

– Read out loud;

– Repetition is essential;


– French movies (Brigitte Bardot, Jean Paul Belmondo, Jane Birkin, Marice Chevalier &

  • Food shopping
  • – Board Games 

Grammar does matter but when speaking, the most important thing is to be able to convey

one’s message. That is why our session will prioritise fluency over perfection. The more the

YP will speak and practise with others, the more perfect their expressions will get organically.

However the facilitator will teach short 10 minutes grammar sessions focusing on the past,

present and future tense of most commonly used verbs.

Looking to connect with French students online on a regular basis will help gain vocabulary from a range of topics:

– Talking about personal lives;

– Expressing feelings;

– Describing art exhibitions and cultural events;

– Chatting about the weather;

– Gossiping about celebrities;

The facilitator will teach them basic French to help them with how to get around in France or

how to ask someone to leave them alone.

The idea is to use a lot of visuals to immerse the YP in everything French. Enriching their

vocabulary regarding: clothes, bags, sweets, foods.

The YP will be encouraged to read out loud to create muscle memory and help mastering the


The sessions I’ll also look at French Newspapers such as Le Figaro or Le Monde. And try to

identify the stylistic differences between the 2 different tones/levels of French used.

We will also look at iconic Fashion houses such as Hermes and how it is different to the

Italians like Prada or Gucci.

African singers such as Fela Kuti, Vieux Diop or Ousmane M’Baye, who sings in French are a

good way to immerse the YP in the French language. Also looking at French writers like

Alexandre Dumas and touching on History with the French revolution and Marie-Antoinette’s

infamous “Let them eat cake”.

It will also be interesting to cover the different areas where the French language is spoken

and look at how these different vernaculars are impacted with accents and regional factors.

HISTORY – Kristina. 13+

Term 4 will be exploring the wartime contributions of women in the US,UK and abroad

LIFE SKILLS – Jacqui. 10+

Learn how to use your brain efficiently

Financial literacy

Google docs/password safety/ phishing………….get safe online

Power points etc…what is needed for work

Health and fitness…. Firm foundation = happy life

Credit scores/credit cards/debt/budgeting

Investing and planning for the future

Relationships and communication

Healthy communication skills

Self care and healthy habits

Time management  and goal setting

Growth mindset and self confidence

First aid

Renting and moving away from home

Cleaning and organising

Meal planning

Opportunity to talk at at a networking business meeting

Opportunity to connect with work experience in various fields

Various speakers from all areas of knowledge coming in to share their journey and skills

Know who you are and your purpose – Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign. At 14 years you will be near your half Saturn return. Take a look at your quarter Saturn return at 7-8 years old and their one at 14, to look for any patterns.

Organised field trips

These sessions will be fluid depending when speakers are available. 

MATHS – Kristina. 10-16 Noah will assist

We all know it is important to learn Maths. We use the curriculum to make sure they have a basic understanding. The class is able to be split into 2 groups which is by ability rather than age.  Kristina is very clear to make sure all young people have the understanding of what is being taught before moving onto the next subject. 

Each week Krisitina will address a GCSE topic in maths and explore how we can apply it in the real world. Students are encouraged to not only learn maths facts but to explore why they are necessary. This class utilises a mixture of games, videos, and handouts to appeal to the various ways students learn. 

Extra Math Tuesday & Wednesday 13+ and is run by Shafinaz. Shafinaz is helping young people study for their exams for Summer 2025 and 2026. She can also offer 1-2-1 for extra support.


Using photography, audio and video to express ourselves, we will tell stories and explore our communities.   The students will work on storytelling projects using different media. Projects include Photo Essay, Audio essay (podcast) and Video essay (short film). Each project will allow Young People to find and share their voice in relation to their experiences and communities


Kru also uses the space for a session on Tuesdays at 5pm – email him directly to book a place)

MTQ L2 – Master Sken Academy; BA Hons, Kingston University, Surrey.

Holistic coaching in the form of Muay Thai Boxing, which is an ancient martial art, originating from Thailand; It teaches self-defence, mental wellbeing, discipline, concentration and self-mastery. Kru Cory has been professionally trained by Senior Grandmaster Sken, who brought Muay Thai to the UK in 1977. Kru Cory is very keen to share 25 years of knowledge and experience with young people, coaching them to be champions in life. You will need to print/email a signed copy of the 2 forms which state your child is in good health to do this session and you agree to the parent’s conduct which is at the top of the timetable page.

Philosophy – Stuart. 13+

Using different philosophers as a focus every week the young people will discuss a wide range of topics. They will contrast views of different thinkers with their own thoughts and use this as a way to explore different moral / metaphysical concepts. We will work towards a question that they set themselves to answer and work on every week.

Piano session on our Keyboards – Day tbc 130-330pm 

20 minute slots for £10. With Noah & Nyx. American brothers whose energy for life is infectious. Try it out, you will not be disappointed! 

SCIENCE – Gen. 10-16

Science with our in-house scientist who works at Imperial College and a lab. Gen is a very vibrant individual who always delivers learning in a very creative and understanding way. Covering all areas of science. It is a session of theory and practical work.

SPORT HOUR – Kristina. 10-16

KrisitIna always pulls out of the bag fantastic fun games, sometimes they even include Math! You think they could be missing out if they are not at school? This session definitely makes you think otherwise. 

necessary. This class utilises a mixture of games, videos, and handouts to appeal to the various ways students learn. 

UPCYCLE PROJECT – Led by Henry founder of Positivi-tees. Partially funded. 6-16

 (parents to accompany 6 – 7 year olds)

Spiritus has been able to open the Upcycle workshop to 6+ ! As the parent you will help guide your child to learn how to Etch, screen print, spray paint & sew by hand and machine, let yourself have fun with it too! It is £6 per child – adults free.

8 plus can be dropped off.

Cultural cloth/photos to be transferred onto their upcycle item

Young People are asked to bring in an item which they would like to transform into a creative item which really pops. They also need to think of a family pattern they would like to create or bring in a photo/s to transfer onto their item.

They will use the following to create a unique piece which relates to their family by way of a pattern to etch/screen print/spray paint or a photo which can be transferred onto cloth.

It can be as extravagant and creative as the mind lets it be. We have resources available to make this possible. They will showcase their items at our Summer Show. 

WOODWORK – Hazel & Teilo.  10-16

Students often choose to make a box as a first project although this is a flexible option. Correct and safe use of hand tools are taught along with encouragement to pay attention to detail, measure accurately, develop a carpenter’s perception of task execution as well as a love of wood work. It is hoped that students discover a lifelong passion which has a practicable application across a huge diverse range of areas, and this foundation is based upon a deep respect for health and safety and an understanding of wood.

Both teachers, Hazel and her son Teilo (previously home educated) have a background in both standard carpentry as well as lutherie, having made four guitars and a couple of harps between them.


We would love to start up a basketball or Netball team and compete with schools. Any interest please email Jacqui and when we have enough for a team play it will be actioned. Jacqui@spiritus.org.uk


CO-STUDY/SOCIAL SPACE @ £5 an hour if your YP stays with us inbetween sessions. 10-16 YEARS

Computers are available. Please bring your own if you have one. Wifi onsite. If your YP stays onsite between sessions without you the £5 an hour is applicable. Paid by card or cash onsite.

This age group can use our space as a collective to do their online/other studies or socialise. It gives them the mature space to co-study and hang out together. You can pay for your time on an hourly basis. There are a great number of online studies that set YP up to take exams if that is your path. We also have facilitators who offer 1-2-1 teaching for all levels. Please refer to our tutoring page.

On Monday afternoons between 2.00pm-3.30pm we have a computer class with our 10 plus, therefore the computers may not be available at this time.

YP need to sign in when they arrive and see our office staff to pay by cash or card. Alternatively you can pay via bank transfer for the hours they wish to stay stating name & study time:

Account Details: Spiritus Democratic Learning Ltd, Account: 16509199 Sort Code: 60-83-71

Please state your YP name and time you are booking them in for.

Below are links for your YP to use for online learning:




OUR COSTS are £1063 per week for our overheads and staff. We are open for 37 weeks a year. If you love what we do help us make this available to young people. You can do a bank transfer: Spiritus Democratic Education Ltd Acct:16590199 Sort: 60-83-71 so no charges get taken and 100% of your gift is utilised. Every £1 adds up and has an impact.