Alternative Learning for Homeschoolers

We are a community learning group and provide workshops for 9 to 16-year-olds during the day. Spiritus opened to provide young people (YP) a place to learn & socialise in a nurturing environment.

Our Summer Timetable

About Us

  • We are based at 245 Hammersmith Road, W6 8PW
  • We have a timetable to view & you can pick and choose what you would like your young person to do.
  • Read our ‘How It Works‘ page.
  • Read our Mission.
  • Use our contact page to ask any questions and if you book a trail session use the code ‘Spiritustrial’. Follow up with an email of your YP name.
  • Sibling concession available code ‘Spiritussibling’, others on request.
  • Daily rate is available by using code ‘Spiritusdaily’ which will save you a few pounds.

Our mission is to receive enough donations to offer all learning for free. Many young people are not made to fit into mainstream learning. We hear stories of bullying, racism, not fitting in,anxiety……….. No funding is offered to these young people to learn in a different setting. If a parents finances are challenging the young person can sometimes face loneliness and be isolated. Together we can change this for our future generation. We want to help them thrive and be who they are meant to be.

Our weekly overheads are £1200. In time we hope for enough donations on a regular basis to offer all learning for free. We offer generous concession rate. We ask for parents to integrate, share their skills & knowledge. When young people feel they are being heard and respected by adults, that is what they will give back.

The space we have been provided is on temporary loan. We are in need of a permanent space located to transport. We would need 8-20 rooms so we can grow. Our vision is to have 150/200 YP people with us on a regular basis.

You can choose what you focus on, and therefore what to be. You can choose to be your in-breath and out-breath. You can choose to listen with your whole being to the sound of the rain or the wind, and in some way to be with the rain and the wind. Listening to sounds in this way can be very joyful. When you are in touch with these refreshing and healing elements, you are being, and not thinking. – Thich Nhat Hanh 

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