“When Minna first joined, she was like electricity and full of energy! She is a free spirit but, at times, she needed to better control her energy in order for it to be utilised in better ways. She is really beginning to understand this now and, due to this, she gaining so much enjoyment with her peers and face to face learning approaches.” – Aila & Minna

“Spiritus was exactly what we needed when we needed it! My boys were becoming more and more homebound and less and less eager to try new things. Convincing them to try a learning activity environment was not an easy task but, after much negotiation, we agreed that they would just try it for a week. Fast forward to almost 6 weeks later and they actually miss the days they have off. Thank you as my boys are growing in confidence and independence. They are learning, making new friends, keeping active, and just happier overall. A huge win all around!” – Ardin/Adam & Oliver

“Spiritus is exactly what my daughter needed; new friends, independence, a mutually respectful adult/boy/girl environment and an interesting, affordable and flexible programme in a great building, brand new space full of open sky views over Hammersmith. I take my hat off to Jacqui for creating this wonderful alternative learning environment and working tirelessly to make it the best in SW & West London. I totally recommend it!” – Caroline Silver

 “Spiritus provides children with a unique, conscious environment to learn gently and to grow into the true expression of themselves. Kindness and growth are at the heart of it.” – Mairead Murray

I could write a 5,000-word essay about how good you are but I’ll limit that. I wish I had found Spiritus earlier as it has brought the fun back to learning and given my son a safe nurturing environment to freely learn and not be judged. Waking up in the mornings are happy again in our house, thank you.” – Shohreh Ghaderi-Panah