The Vision

Spiritus vision is to provide 9-16 year olds a firm grounding and help them to find their unique talents and gifts to navigate their place in our world.

We aim to do this by networking with the West London community to show them what work is available to them in all areas of life. How it can be implemented and that the possibilities are endless. By carrying out work experience from 14 years it means they can trial their various interests before making a commitment to a college course etc. Because they have the time at Spiritus, they can indulge in this activity a countless of times.

A child is vulnerable when their needs aren’t being met. As a society, we are seeing that many of our young people are highly stressed and not in a good place emotionally. Spiritus has been created to reach out to these people and show them they can have a happy space to learn. Life doesn’t have to be hard work and stressful.

Many young people in our home educated community are in need of an alternative solution to learning. Mainstream does not suit everyone which is why there is a need for Spiritus. We offer that alternative solution at a very competitive rate and aim to make it free for everyone as time goes on.

With benefactors & philanthropist help, we can offer an alternative way of learning without a financial impact. These funds will enable us to pay our facilitators rather than families paying.

Generous building owners in West London are giving Spiritus space to use, which enables us to deliver our workshops at a competitive rate.

With us, young people can learn about themselves and learn in a space where time is available. Our days do not start early which enables them to give their bodies the sleep needed as they are growing into adults which studies have shown is vital.

They can engage with projects which will engulf a range of subjects and implement their own ideas. Move their bodies regularly through sampling an array of sports and mindfulness which will release their endorphins. A happy person is a productive and successful person.

Spiritus wants to endorse these qualities in its students. Help us to help our world in years to come. Together we can make this work.

We want to have a building which can house up to 150 students, all workshops under one roof and financially run by fundraising and benefactors.

We are excited to see what unfolds in the years ahead of us.