Health and Safety Policy

Health and safety is important to Spiritus as it could affect the well-being of all concerned, facilitators, our YP, Mum’s and Dad’s and visitors. We aim to ensure that the centre is a safe and suitable environment. We believe that health and safety issues are the responsibility of all those who use the centre in any capacity. We therefore request that any issue that is thought could affect the health and safety of our YP is brought to the attention of the Chairperson, Jacqui O’Connell as soon as possible.

Electrical items:

  • We will ensure that the plugs are correctly wired and properly plugged in.
  • All electrical leads will be PAT Tested.
  • During usage, we encourage safe practices so items are used as directed by the manufacturer.

Hazardous Substances:

  • Cleaning materials are kept out of reach, access is restricted unless observed by a facilitator.
  • They are stored in the appropriate safety containers with the manufacturer’s warnings and advice.

Prevention of falls or slips:

  • Any trip hazards should be reported to Spiritus staff on site immediately..
  • Facilitators are encouraged to clear up spills immediately.
  • Trailing wires will be fastened securely.
  • The mats and carpets will be checked regularly to ensure there is no curling or raised edges
  • The centre has a fire procedure to be followed in case of such an emergency. There is an emergency exit sign to aid evacuation.
  • If there are fire extinguishers available to use on the fire, only do so if it is safe and by a trained facilitator.

First Aid:

  • The first aid kit is always kept onsite. It is checked regularly and restocked when required.
  • The first aider will be responsible for calling an ambulance if required and informing Mum’s or Dad’s or next of kin.

Basic Health Provision:

  • Toilets are provided with sanitary provisions and they are cleaned regularly.
  • The sinks have hot water and soap to encourage hand washing after using the toilet.
  • The room temperature is monitored to ensure a comfortable environment.
  • The centre is cleaned daily.
  • There is adequate lighting provided, including natural light.
  • There is natural ventilation from doors and windows.

Offsite at Break times:

  • Our YP will be allowed to go offsite at break times if consent has been given by Mum’s and Dad’s.
  • Our YP must inform the Spiritus facilitators when leaving and entering.

Reviewed April 2023