First Aid Policy

The first aid policy at Spiritus is written in order to ensure that every YP, facilitator and visitor will be well looked after in the event of an accident.

The first aid box and book will be held by the staff member of Spiritus on site. There will always be a trained first aider on site.

The Chairperson will:

Ensure that insurance is up to date.

Ensure that the first aid kit is always available and fully stocked.

Ensure that a YP who is sent to hospital by ambulance is either:

  • Accompanied in the ambulance at the request of paramedics.
  • Followed to a hospital by a facilitator to act in place of Mum or Dad, if Mum or Dad cannot be contacted.
  • Met at hospital by a relative/guardian.

Keep a record of each YP attended to, the nature of the injury and any treatment given, in the first aid book. The Mum or Dad will be informed of the injury and treatment given.

Ensure that they always obtain the history relating to a YP not feeling well, particularly in the case of headaches, to ensure that no injury has caused our YP to feel unwell.

Reviewed April 2021