Child Safeguarding Policy

Everyone who works here has a duty to safeguard and promote the welfare of our young people. If you have any suspicions that abuse may have occurred, contact the office

Child Safeguarding with Spiritus

  • There is always staff who have enhanced DBS checks to ensure their suitability to work with children on site.
  • References will be taken up and qualifications/experience asked for.
  • Staff will be given clear guidelines to interact appropriately with our young people.
  • Staff working with groups of children should not be in the position of being alone with a child. In this situation physical contact should be kept to a minimum.
  • Where children seek physical comfort, encourage hugging by a friend.
  • Celebrate success by clapping, smiles, stickers, thumbs up gestures rather than hugs.
  • If first aid is required contact parents/guardians first then encourage the child to apply the plaster or cold compress themselves. Record any first aid given in the record folder.
  • Alert the responsible first aider of the situation and allow them to handle it accordingly.
  • Any situations that could be misinterpreted should be recorded and mentioned to the office organisers as soon as possible.
  • If a member of staff is found to have broken these guidelines or a complaint is made by a child, parent or guardian, an interview will be held with a written record being taken. Depending on the outcome of this interview, a warning, dismissal or extra training may result, with regards to the guidelines.
  • Dismissal will be followed by a report to the police.
  • When a session is taking place within a building, doors will be kept under watch to safeguard our young people from strangers.
  • Toilets have lockable doors and staff should be aware of which our young people are using these facilities.
  • Our young people are to remain in the area of the building where they are supervised.

What to Do

  • Make notes of what our young people has said, do not ask leading questions as this may jeopardise any further investigations.
  • When our young people make an allegation, be reassuring that you are listening and taking it seriously.
  • The office organisers will contact the relevant person in the LA Social Services and will liaise with social services and take their advice on police involvement.
  • Records regarding family contact details, child’s name and age are kept on premises, and must be kept up-to-date to facilitate contact.
  • Written records will be kept of any concerns expressed regarding our young people and will be shared with social workers in case further useful information regarding our young people is available.
  • Decisions not to seek further information and the reasons will also be recorded.
  • Where suitable, speak to child and parents about making a referral.
  • Agreement should be made with the social worker regarding what information should be shared with parents and child and who is responsible for this.

Reviewed August 2023