Tests & Exams

Tests and Exams

This was my biggest question when I started homeschooling and every other Mum and Dad I talk to.

At Spiritus we believe that tests are not always necessary to know where a YP is at with their learning ability. Instead, we actively monitor their progress in our learning activities. Our understanding is exams are made for those who can memorise information. Those who lack this ability are being set up to fail. By creating a portfolio on a YP’s interest alongside learning Maths & English they have all they need to gain a place on most college courses.

They are actively excited, not burnt out, and have a passion to learn more.

Our Maths and English facilitator, Jodi, will approach Mum’s and Dad’s whose YP is ready to study IGCSE in English and Maths if required. The studying will be done in a small group or on a 1-2-1 basis depending on what suits them.


When a YP shows clearly a subject they have a natural skill and interest in, we will do our best to guide them to build a portfolio and learn as much as possible about their subject to take into their working world or higher education.