Equality and Diversity

Spiritus is committed to providing an environment free from discrimination, bullying, harassment or victimisation, where all members of its community are treated with respect and dignity.

It aims to create a culture of diversity within its community, providing a dynamic working and learning environment, where all members are valued for their contribution and individuality.

We have a genuine commitment to equality of opportunity for our staff and our young people, and are proud to employ a workforce that reflects the diverse community we serve.

Spiritus is committed to creating an environment where diversity is celebrated and everyone is treated fairly.

We will provide equality of opportunity and will not tolerate discrimination regardless of gender, disability, ethnic origin, religion or belief, sexual orientation, marital status, age, nationality, pregnancy or maternity.

Embedding equality and diversity is essential to developing an accessible and inclusive organisation, committed to advancing equality and diversity within our local community.

Championing equality and diversity in all our activities, including staff employment and advancement, also forms part of our commitment to our strategic goals and social responsibility.

We believe that everyone at Spiritus has a duty to ensure equality and diversity legislation is followed and implemented. Recognising, embracing and valuing difference leads to improvements for all, including:

  • A more vibrant staff and our young people population;
  • A better working and studying environment
  • Attracting and retaining the very best staff and our young people
  • Improving the status of our Microschool

We are fully committed to both meeting and exceeding our obligations under current legislation. By doing more that what’s required by law, we at Spiritus want to build our reputation for equality and diversity to ensure we equip all our staff and our young people with the knowledge to sustain and enjoy a fully inclusive working environment.

Any cases of harassment, discrimination, bullying or victimisation will be taken very seriously by Spiritus. Any member of staff or our young people found guilty of unlawful discrimination or harassment will be subject to disciplinary action, including where appropriate, dismissal for gross misconduct.

Any member of the public, visitor or service provider involved in discrimination or harassment, appropriate or serious action will be taken.

Staff, our young people or other parties who make a complaint of discrimination have the right to do so without fear of victimisation and the centre will make every effort to ensure victimisation does not occur and that any complaints are dealt with promptly and fairly.

Reviewed April 2021