Little or Large………it all adds up significantly

Spiritus is a not-for-profit organisation and offers our young people of the future a place to be heard, nurtured and to find their essence in life.

Our world is changing at a very fast pace and we need to show up for our young people. It is our duty to give them a well-rounded education and life skills.

We need to create rooms at 245 to give our young people a better focus when they are engaging with workshops.

We want to create a well-being centre that will deliver all types of healing as well as homoeopathy and oil/natural remedies. This will supply our young people with a wealth of tools to take into adulthood and not to have to depend on pharmacies.

We want to have a kitchen so we can offer homemade food from a skilled chef including Vegan/Vegetarian.

We need furniture to work on – Desks – Chairs – Easels – Computers – Sofas.

  • Your donation will give a young person a well-rounded education.
  • Your donation will enable us to hire the relevant professionals
  • Your donation will give our young people comfortable furniture to use
  • Your donation will enable our young people to research their entrepreneurial ideas and creativeness
  • Your donation will enable a group to go on an activity holiday

We do not want any young people to miss out.

‘Fund A Child Scheme’ – Government allocates £175 per week, £35 a day = £7000 per child per year.

Our overheads for facilitators/Materials/Bills is £2500 per week.

Please support us in our aim! Any donation no matter how small will make a difference!

Home Education can be lonely and expensive. Spiritus has brought everything a family would want under one roof. The more donations we receive, the more we can offer and the more families will be able to use our service.

If you would like to donate to our project or any of the items listed we would be very grateful.

There will be opportunities for Sponsorship Plaques of Donations for brand and personal promotion for your kindness.

With you, Spiritus can grow to its full potential. Help us be the beacon to change education.

OUR LONG TERM VISION – Is to have a building with outside space which can accommodate up to 200 young people.