How It Works

Starting with us

You may want to try us out first – book in your free trial by selecting one session and when you reach checkout enter code ‘spiritustrial’. We will get in touch with you via email to welcome you.

We also ask you to give our housekeeping page a read through as we like to make sure we can accommodate your YP and that they feel comfortable with us before you pay. Any questions please use our contact page to get in touch. (contact)

OR….you may have heard such great things about us you want to dive straight in…..

Attending our Learning Activities

There are limited spaces. If a learning activity is full, do get in touch and we will place you on our waiting list. Once we have 5 people on our waiting list we source another facilitator to create a class.

Always arrive 10 minutes before your learning activity starts.

Lunch, snacks and drinks for the day are to be supplied by parents. NO NUTS. Or there is the option they can buy their lunch from local takeaways.

Your YP should bring all the following stationery each time they attend:

A4 folder, writing pads, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber. colouring pencils/pens and sharpener.

Your YP can stay with us in between learning activities to eat and socialise.


If you would like to use the weekly membership fee listed below you will need to pay it by BAC (click on the membership fee link below) and put in the ref your YP name and the week date/s you are paying for.

Select the activities you want to book on our timetable and select the ticket option. If you have paid as a member you need to put in the code ‘spiritusmember’ at checkout. Please wait for confirmation we have received your payment before using this code.

If you are paying individual activity select the relevant ticket/s and pay at the checkout.

Weekly Membership:

£80 per week for all learning activities (membership fees)

Concession Weekly Membership:

£40 per week for all learning activities – (proof of universal credit required) (membership fees)

Individual Activity:

£12 for each individual learning activity


An individual session can be refunded up to 7 days before its start date. If it is a weekly booking, 7 days in advance for the whole week.

Annual Membership Fee, what it includes: (From January 2023) (membership fees)

£98 per year. This can be paid half yearly. This includes note books for Maths, English, Science, Topic, & other plus a sketch book for each learning activity, (6 in total) as well as Admin and Support.

Our Membership Scheme will be officially available in September 2022 .

Trips are charged separately

Other info

We are always happy to encourage parents to be involved on a daily basis as we know they can bring a wealth of knowledge and extra hands are always welcomed. Do let us know if you can help.

When our YP reach 14/15 years we will start looking at their future with the guidance of the parents/carers to see if they have an idea where they want to head over the next few years – apprenticeship/college/entrepreneur………………………… Any way we can help we will.

  • Location – Monday to Thursday is at 245 Hammersmith Road, W6 8PW. Meet in the lobby.

Timetable subject to change.