Please read this with your Boy or Girl

Now we have met and you are ready to join in with us we ask you to be mindful of the following:

Arrive 10 minutes before your session starts

Pick up 10 minutes after your session ends

Check emails and our timetable frequently. This is how you will know of any changes.

YP mobile phones – we ask you to let your YP know that social media platforms are not used at Spiritus. Phones should only be out when a facilitator asks them to use it for the session.

YP can sell their goods at 245 – please talk to Jacqui to arrange.

Wear clothing which is suitable for the session. Art – clothes ok to get messy.

Toilets – All Genders

YP need to be assisted in the lift at all times. They should never be in a lift on their own. When you drop them off you can come to the 5th floor with them. You can also come to our floor to collect.

Fire drills are regularly practised. 

You can leave your YP with a Spiritus member of staff in the lobby of 245 at the beginning of the day.

Your YP should have all stationery:

Writing pads, pen, pencil, ruler, rubber. colouring pencils/pens and sharpener.

Always have enough food and drink for the time you are with us. NO NUTS. Water is provided, please bring a named reusable cup or water bottle to use.

The lobby of 245 is an active working space so we ask you not to be idle with your YP in this area.

Mum’s and Dad’s the lobby area can also be used to socialise or work in if you wish to use it. It has a coffee shop and plenty of tables with power points.